yeahbambi (soriso) wrote in odldos,

merlin picspam: the witch's quickening

hello :)
long time no see, again, but i bring you picspam of latest merlin episode. i was going to make some icons, too, but don't really have time for anything besides breathing, eating and sleeping recently... so here we go :) it is my first picspam ever and in my head it looked slightly different, but i'll get there eventually :) oh, and nice scenes - THEY SUCK.


as for merlin. this show has totally stolen my heart. it's the only one i'm keeping up to date with and i don't want to think what i am going to do once the second series is finished. uhm, okay, actually, i know what i'm going to do. read fics, and whine, and watch everything once again, and whine, and maybe i'll read some fics, cause fics = love. especially arthur/merlin ones (just how awesome those boys are together?! <3).
but i have to admit that last three episodes were somewhat disappointing. the latest was more or less okay. 'more', cause mordred (just how creepy this kid is :D), morgana at last, arthur lying to uther about merlin (<333), THE CRYSTAL TRAILER (poor merlin, but now he knows what we're going through everytime after watching the trailer for next episode :DD) and, uhm... colin morgan's acting skills, which are utterly awesome? and maybe arthur/morgana scene, cause those two haven't had too many of those recently. also, morgana standing up to uther, so much love. oh, and lack of gwen! and that would be it, i think :D
as for 'less' - am i the only one who finds it at least a bit weird that morgana can leave the castle as she pleases, and nobody notices it? seriously. and with all the love i have for mordred, he really is making merlin look rather stupid and useless. then again, maybe he didn't want to kill the kid just yet in case of arthur being a HORRIBLE prat to him again. it was like the beginning of first season all over again -_-
and i'm not even gonna start on lady of the lake (in which merlin almost kills arthur because of some cursed girl he just met and wanted to run off with) and sweet dreams (in which gwen proves herself as worthy oponent to kate austen when it comes to men she loves). srsly, show. don't be like this. i can only wish for more episodes like sins of the father or witchfinder *wishes*
trailer for the next episode makes me hopeful, tho. what i wonder the most is if merlin reveals himself in this season. if so, this scene better be awesome, or else... ;P
Tags: maker: soriso, tv: merlin, type: picspam

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